Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Deep End Productions
Producers - Hattie Andres and Kari Nelson
Director/Stage Manager/Scenic Designer - Sterling Melcher
Lighting Designer - Ben Harvey
Sound Designer - Phinehas Bynum
Costume Designer - Sarah Evans
Fight Choreographer - Todd Edwards
Choreographer - Hattie Andres
Cast - Julia Valen, Jett Kleber, Andi Zimmerman, Tyler Kyrola, Katie Hindman, Adam Levonian, John Knapp, Wyatt Engl, Siri Hammond, Ian Hamilton, Jordan Scott, Nick Stumo-Langer, Jessylin Marth, Courtney Stirn, Denzel Belin, Noelle McCabe
Photographer - Aubrey Tyler
Poster Artist - Sheila Novack


White Nights
Adapted and Translated from Dostoyevsky's short story by Marc Robinson and Sterling Melcher
Recipient of the Magnus the Good Award
Producer - Paul Fjelstad
Directors - Sterling Melcher and Jeanne Willcoxon
Stage Manager - Laura Bretheim
Movement Director - Sterling Melcher
Lighting Designer - Ben Harvey
Scenic/Costume Designers - The Ensemble
Music Director - Shane Allen
Band - Shane Allen (accordion), Grant Gordon (bass), Jay Thomas Carlson (percussion)
Cast - Philip Schramm, Emma Downey, Amy Jeppesen, Adam Levonian, Megan Behnke, Sean Gilbertson
Poster Artist - Jessilyn Marth

By Samuel Beckett
Quade One-Act Festival
Producer - Sofia Galloway
Director/Scenic Designer - Sterling Melcher
Stage Manager - Anna Maxam
Lighting Designer - Ben Harvey
Cast - Laura Bretheim, Shannon Cron, Robert Menge, Haley Woods


The Chairs
By Eugene Ionesco
St. Olaf Theater Department Senior Production
Director - Sterling Melcher
Assistant Director - Anna Maxam
Stage Manager - Shelby Reddig
Assistant Stage Manager - Hannah McClure
Lighting Designer - Marcus Newton
Music Director/Musician - Shane Allen (piano and various non-instruments)
Costume Designer - Emma Downey
Sound Designer - Becky Raines
Scenic Designer - Annie Stewart
Technical Director - Todd Edwards
Cast - Adam Levonian, Laura Bretheim, Skye Macrae Curtis
Photography - Heidi Bohnenkamp
Poster Artist - Marit Aaseng

Special thanks to Gary Gisselman


my whisper grew into a howl

Created by: Sterling Melcher, Sarah Gardner, and Antony Bolante

UArts/Pig Iron School MFA Devised Performance DARES

Lead Artist - Sterling Melcher

Cast - Sarah Garnder, Antony Bolante, Sterling Melcher

Stage Manager - Julia Levis

Lighting Designer - Jeremy Jason

Sound Designer - Leonard Luvera

Costume Design/Production - Sterling Melcher

Photography - Lindsay Browning courtesy of UArts/Pig Iron School

Special thanks to Ashley DeMain, Nick Schwasman, Devin Preston, Andrew Olewine, Michael Durkin